A series of journals by Sylvia van Bruggen

I love to create guided journals. It's a recent addiction of mine, I created the first journal in early 2020, and I'm currently working on a third and collecting ideas for at least ten more.

All the journal ideas so far are focused on increasing your joy. This can be because the topic of the journal is joy, or because the journal will lead to more joy.

So I thought it would be wonderful to group them on a separate site, just like I've done with my recent poetry collection.

Each journal has its own page for now, linked in the menu above.

When I have published all the journals I have in my mind, I definitely will have to rethink that strategy.

For now, enjoy browsing!

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In this journal, you'll find 30 prompts that guide you to record what makes you happy.

Each of the prompts has plenty of space for you to write your happy memories, paste pictures, create lists of what inspires you and ponder on what makes you feel joyful.

30 days of Joy wasn't designed for one-time use.

It was created as a journal that you can come back any time to record what makes you happy.

And, whenever you need it, this journal serves as a reminder of everything that fills your life with joy.

A 7-day journal to help you refocus on what makes you happy.

It was made to clear the winter blues in spring, but you can start this journal whenever you like!

And the best news?

It's completely free via the link below.